Vaccinations For Your Pet

Getting your dog or cat properly vaccinated is one of the best things that you can do for their health! Vaccines are a safe, inexpensive, and effective way to protect your pet from a range of serious illnesses. We take great pride in treating you and your pet like family, making sure all of your questions are answered, and giving you a truly wonderful experience.

Because We Care

We are regulars now since Jack gets weekly laser on his old tired joints. He loves visiting and the techs always make over him and make both of us feel special. They are like an extended family for us! Dr. Jones takes time for a question even in the middle of her busy schedule. I was first attracted to WAH because Dr. Jones practices traditional Western medicine as well as acupuncture and Chinese herbs. It is a very open-minded practice and I feel my options are not limited.


I love, love Woodlake Animal Hospital! Dr. Leslie Jones is a wonderful, compassionate person, and I am so grateful for the loving care that she gives to my little feline, Malee. All of my other friends there are also very caring, friendly and professional. I Feel like they are all family!


My cats are fairly new patients Woodlake Animal Hospital. In the short time that Dr. Jones and her amazing staff have cared for them, especially for our cat Taco, we have received the highest quality and the most personal care! They are all so very patient and understanding! I’m sure the office is very busy, but when we’re there, they make us feel like we are the only ones there! Thank you Dr. Jones and staff!


What To Expect

The first step is to give us a call to schedule your visit!

During your visit, we will ask you about your pet’s lifestyle and history. We can educate you about the core vaccinations for dogs and cats, which are always recommended (for example: rabies). And depending on your pet’s lifestyle, we may recommend non-core vaccinations as well.

The administration of vaccines is fast, easy, and inexpensive. We can answer any questions you like during your visit, and once administered, you will have taken a powerful step towards protecting your pet!